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Creative Painters, LLC

Serving Northeast Ohio for Over 35 Years

Creative Painters has been serving communities throughout Northeast Ohio since July 1, 1985, developing a reputation for quality workmanship – a reputation that Owner, Scott Olson, carries on today.

Like Creative Painters, Scott’s family has a long history of serving Northeast Ohio, having immigrated here in 1879. A family comprised almost entirely of men who worked in trades and women who married into them, Scott grew up surrounded by tradesmen. From the time he was old enough to pick up a brush and a hammer, Scott gained the skills and the know-how that eventually led him to Creative Painters – where he now leads our team of professionals.

Together, we’re doing nice work for nice people!

owner operator scott olson creative painters
Scott Olson | Owner, CEO

A brief history of the BRAND...

The Beginning
Creative House Painters is founded by Mike Gentile. A focus on quality and customer satisfaction led to more than 200 residential customers within the first 3 years.
Service Expansion
Mike decides to expand services beyond homes and changes the name to Creative Painters. This small change encourages local businesses and non-residential customers such as schools, churches, office buildings, and condominiums to put their trust in Creative Painters.
Maintaining Tradition
Scott Olson takes over as Owner/Operator, refreshes the logo, and continues the tradition of putting customers and quality first.
featured article from akron beacon journal
Source: Akron Beacon Journal - April 29, 2017

...a long history

FUN FACT: If you lined up every job, side by side, it would represent OVER 57.76 miles of continuous work, enough to go from Akron to Youngstown!