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Copley, Ohio

Copley, Ohio And West Akron Are The Best!

The year was 1990, we were in our 6th year of business and still located in Twinsburg, Ohio. I grew up in Aurora and Aurora/Twinsburg people associate themselves with Cleveland. I went to Kent State so I became familiar with the Stow/Kent/Cuyahoga Falls area but I had absolutely no knowledge of Akron and the surround area.

We assumed Akron was an old industrial city with no potential value to a newly organized painting company. Boy, were we wrong! In 1990, I dated a girl who lived in an apartment complex off of Miller Road in West Akron. She showed me around the Montrose area & I took her to dinner on “The Hill.” She explained to me if I like this area I am going to love the Bath & Copley area just that much more. She was right and instantly transformed my perception of Akron…forever! So much so, I now tell people I am from Akron area instead of Cleveland.

Since 1990, the Copley, Bath, West Akron area has consistently been in the top 5 cities to do business in. Please remember, December- February are the cheapest time of year to get your free interior or exterior estimate. Please call 330-650-9045!

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