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Hudson, Ohio

At CREATIVE PAINTERS , we are here to offer you a quality service at an affordable price. We take pride in our work. We scrape, patch, prime, and paint your home or business according to YOUR schedule and specifications.

We Love Hudson Ohio!

In 1994 our office was located in Twinsburg, however, over 35% of all our jobs came from Hudson. Some suggested “why don’t you move your office there?” But with our roots firmly in Twinsburg soil it was a hard decision to leave.

We found out that Hudson has a unique telephone system which allowed you to call Cleveland and Akron locations so this was a tremendous selling point. Hudson also is half the distance from home (Cuyahoga Falls) and with a brand new Sherwin Williams store being built next to Ace Hardware well all of this sealed the deal.

Our first office was located in the Evaporator Works from 1994 until the “great flood of 2003.” When I came to work that day my desk was floating near the ceiling of my basement office. Everything was destroyed that day including some of my confidence but time really does cure everything…eventually. A few days later I ran into my new landlord and he said “I have a unit for you that you may be interested in. It is located in the basement…the one upstairs is $50 more per month.” After being wiped out by a devastating flood I said “I’ll pay the $50!!” Currently, we are located on Georgetown Road (on the 2nd floor!) and have been here since July 2003.

Hudson, Ohio… was, is, and always will be our #1 city to do business in. We have done over 2000 jobs in Hudson and probably have done at least one job on every street here in town. The location is perfect, right between Akron and Cleveland, and the people are friendly and appreciative of our work. We love Hudson SO much…we plan on staying here for the duration until at least 2026. Thank you Hudsonites for all your support. Call for you free estimate at 330-650-9045.

Call us for a free consultation and estimate at (330) 650-9045.