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Your home is the most important asset you have, so when you're ready to paint or remodel, get yourself the best Painting Contractor in the business!


Doing Business With Creative Painters . . .

The following information should answer some of the questions you may have about the painting of your home and help make your project go smoothly. Please take time to read this information.


Please contact our main office as 330-650-9045. A live person will answer the phone Mon-Fri between 9:30AM-11:30AM. In the afternoons we are out giving customers estimates you may leave a message 24/7 on our answering machine. Your call will be returned ASAP.
If you live in the Cleveland area please call us local at 330-656-3833.
If you need immediate attention contact Mike Gentile, President, on his cell phone at (216) 659-6453
Or if you prefer, email us at creative_painters@yahoo.com


Scheduling is set according to your needs and your schedule. Depending on the needs and the time of the year, it is possible to get next day service, especially in the winter months. During the summer months, weather greatly affects scheduling and we ask that you give us extra “elbow room” to schedule your project. Spring time can get extremely busy, so it is best to schedule your job “the sooner the better.” We schedule work on Fridays for the upcoming week. You should expect to be informed then as to what exact date you project will be started.


Creative Painters offers a color consultation for all of our customers. If we are matching the existing color, we will match the color on the first day of the job. We will need you to be available to OK the color selection. If you would like to choose the color yourself we can provide you with the paint manufactures color samples. Be certain to view color samples in the same light as that in which the paint will be applied.


The first day of the job you will meet the foreman. The foreman is the most experienced painter on the crew. Please be sure to direct any questions during the job directly to the foreman.


A deposit is taken at the time agreements are signed. Remaining payment is due in full the day the job is completed. We ask that you please be considerate of this request. Checks should be made out to Creative Painters in the amount stated on your proposal plus any additionally requested work during the job. We are also able to take Visa, Discover, and Master Card. These are taken over the phone. Receipts will be mailed to you after processing.


You will be asked to complete a customer rating sheet when the job is finished. Your written feedback is very important to everyone here at Creative Painters. In particular, the crew receives a bonus on your evaluation. The completed form can be given to the foreman.


We will contact you during your job to discuss how the job is being performed.


If weather prevents us from working on your home we will return on the next suitable day. Certain things can be done in wet or damp weather with no ill effects. Many times we may want to pressure-wash a house or begin preparation of the surfaces on damp days. On occasion, we may call ahead to see if we can wash your home ahead of schedule. This will help keep the schedule on track.


If we are painting the exterior of your home we may pressure wash prior to painting. This may take place a day or two prior to your scheduled start date.


All houses built before 1978 have the risk of containing lead paint. If your home was built before 1978 you will be given a pamphlet entitled “Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home.” Creative Painters has been certified in lead safe work practices. This is a curriculum put out jointly by EPA and HUD. Please note that this does not certify us for lead abatement. In addition, Creative Painters can not in good faith test your home for lead. If you would like to have your home tested and need assistance locating a certified test facility we can help you locate one.
“Lead Jobs” tend to run $1000 more than regular jobs to cover the cost of labor & materials necessary to conform to EPA specifications. It is ILLEGAL to hire a company that is NOT lead certified. The fine can run as high as $32,000/day. But don’t fret, Creative Painters IS a lead certified firm.


Wallpaper removal can be an arduous and time-consuming task. Skip the hassle and headache of trying to remove or install your wallpaper new and rely on us. Creative Painters remove old wallpaper quickly and cost-efficiently with our professional team. After your wallpaper is stripped, you may need drywall repair. If it is just a few spots, there will be NO charge to fix something small. However, if the walls are severely damaged, we will assess the situation at that time. You can add on drywall repair work to your contract on a time & material asses or chose to hire your own drywall person.


Let our experts at Creative Painters transform your residential space. We have a large selection of various styles and color palettes for you to choose from. Add a distinctive and elegant touch to your home with Creative Painters. We offer the best guarantee in the business. A 1 year unconditional guarantee. If someone marks up a wall within one year, we will come back and repair it again… FREE! No other company offers this service.

All Of Our Services Are 100% Guaranteed.


Communication with our customers and teams to ensure painting projects are completed accurately, efficiently, and timely. We keep our customers informed before, during, and after the job.


Safety is at all times first and foremost. The safety of your family and/or employees, your property and our employees is our most important responsibility. We take it seriously and are proud of our safety programs and accident-free record in the industry.


Quality which means not only that your project looks great, but that is stays looking great for years to come! We use Sherwin Williams pain products and guarantee all of our work for One year & aluminum siding for Five years…unconditionally!

The Environment

The Environment is something I personally care about and strive to reduce waste and dispose of it properly. With the lead paint requirements we work to keep your property safe.

Our Employees

Our Employees are our life blood and therefore, we hire the best and ensure they are taken care of. Our professional painters are loyal and share our commitment to quality, service, and the value of your home.
Our #1 painter has been with our company for over 20 years.

Price: Ballpark Estimate

We do not like to give pricing over the phone for several reasons. #1 Without seeing it in person it is impossible to give a 100% accurate estimate. #2 Inaccurate estimating leads to arguments such as: “over the phone you said it was $2, now when you come out, the price is $5.” This is no way to start out an awesome experience. We hope you understand our situation. The best way to avoid this embarrassing situation is to call for a FREE estimate and avoid guessing. 330-650-9045

Scams And Schemes

Ever Hear, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” or “Buyer Beware?” After being in business for almost 30 years I have nearly heard everything. Don’t be “baited” by a good price to only be “switched” by lousy, messy and yes folks even non-existent service. Too many customers think painters are like gasoline – the cheaper the better. How far from the truth. Do you really want an alcoholic, slob, ex-con working in the same room as your 5 year old daughter because he is less expensive than everybody else? Of course not. Did you know that licensing and insurance are not required for painters in the state of Ohio? All one has to do is buy $100 worth of equipment and a $25 newspaper ad saying he has been in business 20 years, and this untrained, inexperienced person can claim he is a professional? Come on… don’t be fooled as an intelligent customer you are, I am sure you are reading this segment so you wont me scammed. Also because painters are not regulated by anyone but themselves – there is no standard pricing. If you get 5 estimates, the pricing will be all over the board. So you are probably asking yourself, “What determines a true professional from a total amateur?” Well, the answer is… proof. There are some things to consider when hiring a “true” professional painter.
1) Does he show up on time for the estimate?
2) Does he promptly return my phone calls or email?
3) What about his appearance? Does he wear a uniform & drive a company vehicle?
4) Does he care about your needs or his own? Is he a good listener or bossy & rude?
5) Can he provide you with an up to date certificate of insurance or will he lie and say he has it just to get the job?
6) I once interviewed a painter that said he had 20 years of experience. So I asked him “how many jobs did you do in that 20 years? He said three. Once again, proof is the answer. Do they have letters of referral from customers dated 2009, 1999, or 1989?
7) can they prove they are members of the local chamber of commerce, BBB, Angie’s List, etc…
8) Do they provide you with a professionally written estimate on the spot, or do they show up late in a rusty vehicle and write a cheap price on the back of a business card? Better yet… do they say “We’ll get back to you later with an estimate,” and you never see it?
9) Can they prove to you they will do an outstanding job? We before and after pictures and have a unique system that motivates our painters to excel their performance. (We will demonstrate this to you with your free estimate 330-650-9045)
10) Last but not least, if he gives you a 15 year guarantee is that for labor or just for the paint. Remember labor is 85% of the cost – don’t be fooled by unreliable guarantee’s. Is there a guarantee for interior painting? We guarantee all of our interiors for one year. So even if little johnny draws pictures on the wall with a magi marker, we will come back and repaint that wall for free, with in one year.

Beat the Spring Rush

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Prices vary different times of the year. For example: the most inexpensive time of the year for interior painting is December through the end of January. These months are also the least expensive time of the year to Receive and Schedule exterior jobs for the upcoming season. Although we can’t complete exterior projects in the winter we’re able to estimate.


Most of our projects run between eight dollars and fifty dollars a month for ten years – which makes your investment an incredible Value!


Owning a business comes with professional and social responsibilities to the business, the community, customers, and employees. I recognize these facts and strive to operate with all in mind. We take pride in our craft and the best compliment is when a satisfied customer refers us to our next project.