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Years and Years and Years ago a lady named “Monica” called our office for an estimate. I went to her house and she wanted the WHOLE interior and the whole exterior estimated because she was putting the house on the market within a few weeks. Obviously I was very excited about making this HUGE sale! Something over $10,000 for both. However that day I forgot my calculator and had to add up everything “the old fashioned way” So I went back to the office and checked the numbers once again using the calculator. Because I was SO EXCITED, I made a $1000 error…..NOT in her favor. When I called her up and explained that she owed me another $1000, she got mad and cancelled the whole job. Even though it was an honest error.

About a year later, a lady called up and she said she just moved into a new house and wanted the WHOLE interior and exterior painted. She asked for me specifically and said her name was Monica. I said “NO WAY!…..I thought I would NEVER hear from you again! She said “Now Michael, people make mistakes and I want you to paint my new house…but could you do me a favor?” “Why sure, what would you like?” PLEASE BRING YOUR CALCULATOR!…..True story….


Did you know that paint can cause a house or business to catch on fire? Sure can! Well it was the early 1990’s and we were painting an exterior cedar sided home in Solon. At that time I hired two brothers to do the majority of our spray jobs. (They were quite good, by the way) Well the customer wanted “Oil stain” to be applied to his dry brittle cedar sided home. The painters were using a old gasoline powered sprayer that you had to start like a lawnmower. Well when the spark plug “arked”…..POOF…..it ignited the newly sprayed “Oil stain” that was being applied to the house and caught the house on fire! The brother that was spraying the house was covered with stain and he too…..ALSO caught fire! Meanwhile, the other brother freaked out and started to put the house fire out first…..then his brother LATER! (Some brother!)

I happened to be driving by to check on the job and noticed a fire truck and an ambulance parked across the street from the house we were painting. I noticed a little girl riding her bike and asked what was going on? She said “Oh there was a fire in someones house and somebody got hurt” I asked “Which house” She explained “Oh the one where the guys were painting” Thankfully there was only smoke damage done to the house but the “burnt brother had 2nd and 3rd degree burns to his chest, arms and neck. The next day, I noticed he was out of the house and back on the job! I said “Mark, if I was you, I’d take AT LEAST a week off of work” He replied “Well……I NEED the money”……Now THATS dedication!


Unless its with our “significant other!”…..Want an estimate at 1pm….I am there at 12:59pm……..Ooops, we missed a spot?……We will actually come back and touch it up…..for free!……not just one time….but EVERYTIME!


It is a “rare” event these days to say what you are going to do…and do what you say you would do. More than ever I incorporate “Integrity” into everything I do. I love a game where “everyone wins” and I welcome the challenge!….Mike Gentile, owner Creative Painters….330-650-9045


Vinyl siding was first produced in the 1970’s but didn’t really catch on till the late 1980’s. Some of the homes with vinyl siding are approaching 30 years old. Some people ask me “can you paint vinyl siding?” The answer is YES!…but it does take a special primer and paint to do the job correctly. So if you have some faded siding or you just want a different color….give us a call for you (still) FREE ESTIMATE! at 330-650-9045


Every 1000 customers we give away concert tickets, mini vacations ect, ect. We just signed up #5871. Should happen sometime this year!….330-650-9045

Wallpaper Stripping

Having to strip wallpaper is the most difficult and least favorite home project you can do. Why don’t you make it easy on yourself by calling for your FREE estimate?……330-650-9045


Awhile back a customer asked us to paint his barn at the end of his long driveway. He lived in the house for many years and the first thing he saw when he got home was the front of the barn. He picked an unusual color and we finished the job. He called to complain ” That’s NOT the color I picked!” so I went out with the color deck and it matched perfectly. I told him that for many years you were used to the old color. Just give it a month and maybe it will grow on you. About a month later, he called to apologize for complaining.


Because some paints are flammable, a smart question to ask your painting contractor is “Do you have insurance?”……it’s also a dumb question because even if the painter DOES NOT have insurance he will LIE and say he does just to get the job! A BETTER question is “Can you provide me PROOF of Insurance?” when they show up to give you an estimate. This way you can be sure you are hiring a “TRUE” Professional who is fully insured!


We love painting churches because there’s nobody around all week long! One time we were painting a church in Solon and there was this Styrofoam cross behind the alter. I asked the pastor “Would you like for us to paint behind the cross” He said “Yes, but be VERY careful, the cross is old and fragile” So we began to paint the alter area and a BIG storm started to brew up. We CAREFULLY took the cross down and because it was so old….it BROKE in half! (oh no)….As it broke, one of the LOUDEST claps of thunder I ever heard came about. Right at that instant, we packed our stuff and got the #$%^ out of there! …..Of course the next day we superglued it together and put it back up.